Everyday we use our computer and use so many file. but we don’t know about file extension. Today we know some essential file extension.

Text File Extension

.doc ——-Microsoft word document.

.docx——–Microsoft word document.

.tex ——–LaTeX Source Document

.log ——-Log File

.rtf ——–Rich Text format file

.txt ——- Plain Text File —

.wpd ——- Word Perfect Document

.wps ——- Microsoft Works Word Processor Document –

.pages ——- Pages Document

.msg ——– Outlook Mail Message

Data Files Extension

.gbr -4Dcred .dat .efx .epub .ibooks
Amazon Kindle eBook File

.azw —— Amazon Kindle eBook File

.cvs ——- Comma Separated Values File

.gbr —— Gerber File

.ged —— GEDCOM Genealogy Data File

.dat —— Data File

.efx —— eFax Document

.epub —— Open eBook File

.ibooks —— Multi-Touch iBook

.key —— Keynoete Presentation

.keychain —– Mac OS X Keychain File

.pps —— Power Point Slide Show

.ppt ——Power Point Presentation

bpptx —— Power Point Open XML Presentation

.sdf —— Standard Data File

.tar ——– Consolidated Unix Fire Archive

.vcf ——- vCard File

.xml ——-XML File

Sound (Audio) File Extension

.wav —— Wave Audio File

.mp3 —— MP3 Audio File

.wma —— Windows Media Audio File

.ra —— Real Audio File

.mid —— MIDI File

.m3u —— Media Play List file

.mpa —— MPEG-2 Audio File

.m4a —— MPEG-4 Audio File

.aif —— Audio interchange File Format

.iif —— Interchange File Format

Vedio File Extension

.wmv —— Windows Media Vedio.

.3gp ——- The most common video format for cell phone.

.dat ——- Vedio stand Data File

.mpg ——- MPEG Video File

.3g2 —— 3GPP2Muitimedia File

.asf ——- Advanced System Format File

.asx ——- Microsoft ASF Redirector File

.avi —— Audio Vedio Inteleave File

.flv ——- Flash Vedio File

.mov —— Apple QuickTime Movie

.mp4 ——- MPEG4 Vedio file

.rm ——— Real Media File

.srt ——– SubRip Subtitle File

.swf ——- Shockwave Flash Movie File

.vob ——- DVD Vedio Object File

3D Image File Extension

.3dm —— Rhino 3D Model

.3ds —— 3D Studio Scene

.max —— 3ds Max Scene File

.obj ——- Wavefront 3D Object File

Vector Image Files extension

.ai ——— Adobe Illustrator File

.eps —— Encapsulated Post Script File

.Ps ——- Post Script File

.svg —— Scalable Vector Graphics File

Spreadsheet files extension

.xlr ——- Works Spreadsheet

.xis ——- Excel spreadsheet Microsoft

.xlsx ——- Microsoft excel Open XML Spreadsheet

Database Files Extension

.db —– Database File

.dbf —— Database File

.mdb ——- Microsoft Access Database

.pdb ——- Program Database

.sql ——- Structured Query Language Data File

Executable Files extension

.apk —– Android Package File

.app —— Mac OS X Application

.bat ——- DOS Batch File

.cgi ——–Common Gateway Interface Script

.com —— DOS Command File

.exe ——- Windows Executable File

.gadget ——- Windows Gadget

.jar ——– Java Archive File

.pit ——- Program Information File

.vb ——– VB Script File

.wsf ——- Windows Script File

Game File Extension

.dem —— Video Game Demo File
.gam —— Save Game File
.nes ——- Nintendo (NES) ROM File

.rom —— N64 Game ROM File
.sav ——– Save Game

CAD Files extension

.dwg—— Auto CAD Drawing Databnse File

.dxf ——- Drawing Exchange Format File

Web Files extension

.asp ——- Active Server Page

.aspx ——–Active Server Page Extended File

.cer —— Internet Security Certificate

.cfm ——– Cold Fusion Markup File

.csr ——– Certificate Signing Request File

.css —— Cascading Style Sheet

.htm —— Hypertest Markup Language File

.heml ——- Hypertest Markup Language File

.js ——- Java Script File

.jsp —– Java Server Page

.php ——– PHP Source Code File

.xhtml ——– Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File

Plugin files extension

crx ——- Chrome Extension

.plugin ——- Mac OS X Plun-in

Page layout files extension

.indd —— Adobe inDesign Document

.pct ——Picture File

.pdf ——- Portable Document Format File

Font files extension

.bdf ——- Bitmap Distribution Format

.fnt ——– Windows Font File

.fon ——- Generic Font File

.otf ——- Open Type Font

.ttf ——- True Type Font

.ttc ——- True Type Font collection

System files extension

.cab —– Windows Cabinet File

.cpl ——Windows Control Panel item

.dmp eciry .icns .ico ink .sys .inti
.cur —— Windows Cursor

.dll ——- Dynamic Link Library

.dmp ——- Windows Memory Dump

.drv ——- Device Driver

.icns ——- Mac OS X Icon Resource File

.ico ——– Icon File

.ink —— Windows File Shortcut

.sys —— Windows System File

.inti —— System File

Setting files extension

.cfg —— Configuration File

.ini ——- Windows Initialization File

.prf ——- Outlook Profile File

Compressed files extension

.7z —– 7-Zip Compressed File

.cbr ——- Comic Book RAR Archive

.deb ——– Debian Software Package

.gz ——– Gnu Zipped Archive

.pkg ——- Mac OS X Installer Package

.rar ——- Win RAR Compressed Archive

.rpm —— Red Hat Package Manager File

.sit ——— StuffIt Archive

.sitx ——- Stuffit X Archive

.tar .gr ——- Compressed Tarball File

.zip ——– Zipped File

.zipx ——- Extended Zip File

Disc image files extension

.bin —— Binary Disc Image

.cue ——- Cue Sheet File

.dmg ——- Mac OS X Disk Image

.iso ——– Disc Image File

.mdf ——– Media Disc Image File

.toast ——-Toast Disc Image